I've registrerd an account but havent received a password!

Please check your spam folder? Sometimes the email with password get stuck there. 

How do i change my password to Telldus Live?

When you're logged in, click your name in the upper right corner of the web browser. 

Is it possible to receive signals with TellStick?

TellStick only contains a transmitter module and it's therefore only possible to transmit signals, not receive signals. TellStick Duo and TellStick Net can receive signals from the compatible devices found here

Is TellStick compatible with brand X?

Please see our list of compatible devices. If it is not there, it is not supported.

Which retailer have your products in stock?

We do not have access to our dealer stocks and may not know which retailers have our products in stock. Please contact them directly.

Can I buy TellStick directly from you?

No, you cannot. You find our retailers here.

When will TellStick be available at retailer X?

We don't decide which products a retailer wishes to sell or not. Please ask them. If enough questions are asked, they just might decide to sell the product.

How come it's not possible to configure some socket receiver as dimmer devices?

This is because not all socket receivers that supports dimming are supporting absolute dimming. If the socket receiver doesn't support absolute dimming, it's not possible to control that receiver from TellStick. Since the user of TellStick not always can see the lamp connected to the socket receiver, the TellStick can not know when to stop the dimming cycle. 

How come it's not possible to learn new codes in my Self Learning socket receiver?

All self learning socket receivers contains a memory that stores the code from the remote control. Some socket receivers doesn't accept new codes when all memories are full. That means that it appears as it doesn't accept the new code when learning. Solve this by clear the memory and start over the learning process. Please read how to clear the memory in the manual for the socket receiver. 

Do You Sell The Wall-Plug Socket Receivers?

No, we do not sell the wall-plug socket receivers. These can be found in most DIY and electrical accessories stores. For more information on what wall-plug socket receivers TellStick is compatible with go to technical specifications

l've lost my password to Telldus Live!, what do I do?

Navigate to in a non-mobile webbrowser, click "Log in to Telldus Live!", type your email adress in the "Forgot your password?"-area and click "Send a new password". You'll receive an email with a new password within a couple of minutes. 


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