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Why Do I Need One?

TellStick To The Rescue

Have you ever left home but not sure if you left your coffee machine on? Have you ever gone to bed but forgot to turn off the TV downstairs? Tired of arriving at a freezing cold (or extremely hot) vacation house? Tired of announcing to thieves that you are on vacation since your lights turn on/off at the exact same time everyday. TellStick to the rescue!

Sky's The Limit

TellStick is the most intelligent and flexible remote control for turning on/off electricity available on the market. This means that the sky's the limit for what you can do with the TellStick. Turn on/off your lights, heating unit, air conditioner, TV, stereo, projector, coffee machine, etc. That is, you can control anything that runs on electricity and can plug into a remote control socket receiver.

With TellStick Duo and TellStick Net you can not only control your remote socket receivers, you can also collect data from example wireless thermometers, remote controls and motion detectors. These functions makes it possible to schedule, e.g., a radiator to switch on at a certain temperature . Please note that this is new functionalities and that support for new devices and functions will come eventually. Please see our list of compatible devices. 

Unlimited Compatibility

By being compatible with just about every remote control socket receiver you are not tied to just one specific receiver type. You can have a household full electronics & lights connected to various brands of remote control socket receivers and turn them all on/off via the TellStick.

What Else?

Upgradeable Software

The TellStick software and functions are continually updated. Updates that you easily and free of charge can download from our homepage. Your TellStick will in other words never be outdated and you will continue to get more bang for your buck.

Open Source

The software is open source which means that the TellStick is compatible with a large and always growing amount of third-party applications. Third-party applications that lets you for example remotely control your electronics via SMS, bluetooth, web-interface, and media centers.

Saves Money

Last but not least, TellStick can save you money on your energy bill! There is no reason anymore to keep a bunch of electronics constantly running (or in stand-by mode for that matter). TellStick makes it easy to only have your electronics on when they are in use. This as well also helps play a small role in making your home more environmentally friendly.

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