TellStick Net Software

TellStick Net Native Software

TellStick Net is designed to be used with Telldus Live! wich makes the configuration and use of TellStick Net easy.

Telldus Live! mobile

Telldus Live! mobile available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, this application makes it easy to control your electronics and lights from your smart phone. 

Third Party Applications

There are alot of great third party applications that you can use with Telldus Live! to control your smart home.


In Telldus Live! actions can be executed (e.g. lamps turned on, SMS* or email* sent) when triggered by incoming signals (e.g. signals from a motion detector or when the temperature goes above a preset value) when certain conditions are met (e.g. only when the sun is down). This way your home can be truly automated.

* This requires a Telldus Live! Pro account


Telldus Live! contains a scheduler you can use for scheduling your light after specific times or by sunrise and sunset.


You can try out Telldus Live! by logging in to using the following credentials:
password: demodemo

Please note that the  demo-account has Telldus Live! Pro enabled, for more information navigate to when logged in to the demo-account.



Version 17 (2014-04-03)
Windows flasher
Mac flasher*
Linux guide

A guide for firmware upgrade can be found here.

*If you experience any problems with the Mac flasher, please try this guide instead.

Telldus Live!

Use Telldus Live! to control your devices from the Internet, no matter where you are.

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