TellStick Net

TellStick Net Basics

TellStick Net - Awaken Your Gadgets

What Is It?

TellStick Net is a radio frequency transmitter that plugs into your router via an ethernet cable.

What Does It do?

TellStick Net is a device that lets you control your connected electronics from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. It is also capable of receiving signals from compatible devices.

How Does It Work?

TellStick Net transmits and receives signals at 433.92 MHz that turns on/off electricity on remote socket receivers to which you can connect your electronics.

What Do I Do?

Three simple steps enter you into the world of home automation. No need for any installation.

  1. Plug TellStick Net into your router.

  2. Go to Telldus Live! and register.

  3. Connect electronics & lights to your wall-plug socket receivers.

That's it! You can now automate electronics from any where in the world!


Please note that TellStick Net is not compatible with TelldusCenter and must be used using our online service Telldus Live!

Telldus Live!

Use Telldus Live! to control your devices from the Internet, no matter where you are.

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How To Get Started:

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