TellStick Duo

TellStick Duo Basics

TellStick Duo - Awaken Your Gadgets

What Is It?

TellStick Duo is a USB-stick radio frequency transmitter and receiver that plugs into your computer.

What Does It do?

It turns any computer into a wireless home automation center by being the link between your computer and electronics & ligths. It is also capable receiving signals from different devices.

How Does It Work?

TellStick Duo transmits and receives signals at 433.92 MHz that turns on/off electricity on remote socket receivers to wich you can connect your electronics & lights.

What Do I Do?

Three simple steps enter you into the world of home automation.

  1. Download and install the software from our homepage

  2. Plug TellStick into your computer

  3. Connect electronics & lights to your wall-plug socket receivers

That's it! You can now automate electronics & lights via your computer.

Download Software for TellStick and TellStick Duo

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How To Get Started:

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