The TellStick Range

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TellStick ZNet Lite

TellStick ZNet Lite - is the latest addition to the TellStick family. It contains both a 433 MHz transmitter and a Z-Wave tranceiver module.

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TellStick Net

TellStick Net - TellStick Net allows the same functionality1 of TellStick Duo without the need of a running computer. Control your devices from Telldus Live! on your desktop or your smart phone.

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TellStick Duo

TellStick Duo - Using a computer running TelldusCenter or online using Telldus Live! you can control your electronics and also receive signals from other devices, i.e. weather stations and remote controls.

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TellStick Classic

TellStick - Control your electronics using a computer running TelldusCenter or online using Telldus Live!

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Which product shall I buy?

To make it easier to decide which product is right for you we have put together a page where you can compare the products and their features side by side.

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1 The features offered by third party applications might differ between the products

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Telldus Live!

Use Telldus Live! to control your devices from the Internet, no matter where you are.

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