TellStick Native Software

TellStick Native Software

Our native software includes the TelldusCenter and Telldus Scheduler applications, as well as drivers, configuration, and a systray application.


TelldusCenter is an application that can be seen as the main hub for your home automation. This is where wall-plug socket receivers can be added, edited, and removed. TelldusCenter can as well be accessed from the systray area. Through TelldusCenter you get manual control of your TellStick connected electronics & lights.

Telldus Live! mobile

Telldus Live! mobile available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, this application makes it easy to control your electronics and lights from your smart phone. This is possible when using the service Telldus Live!

Telldus Scheduler

Telldus Scheduler, as the name implies, is our native scheduler application. It of course includes all the basic options for putting electronics & lights on a schedule. Telldus Scheduler is a Windows only application.

For Mac OS X, there are only third pary schedulers available at the moment.

Compatibility issues

TelldusCenter seems to not work on Mac OSX 10.11, El Capitan. We're investigation the issue. 


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