TellStick + Dovado Routers

TellStick + Dovado Router Product Combination

The TellStick + Dovodo UMR Product Combination has a lot of unique and handy features. It as well includes all the basic options you may need for scheduling your TellStick enabled electronics & lights.

By simply plugging TellStick into the USB port on the back of the Dovado router you can access your electronics from anywhere in the world. This remote access can either be controlled directly from a web browser and SMS (in order to have the SMS function you need to have a 3G USB modem that supports SMS).

The Dovado USB Mobile Broadband Router is a powerful internet router. It can be used both with a regular fixed broadband connection (from an ADSL/Cable modem) and a 3G USB modem. On top of easily giving your computer internet access the router as well lets you share your internet connection with other computers.

In essence the TellStick + Dovado UMR Product Combination works in the same manner as with TellStick connected to a computer. The TellStick still transmits signals at 433.92 MHz that turns on/off electricity on gear connected to wall-plug socket receivers. Just replace the computer with the router and you instantly gain access to your electronics from anywhere. You can manually automate your electronics and as well set up schedules for them.

The Dovado UMR is now being phased out by the Dovado 4GR router which is a beefed up version of the UMR. It includes all the same home automation features as the UMR by as well being fully TellStick compatible.

For more information on the Dovado UMR/4GR and where to purchase it (we do not sell it) go to

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You can view Dovado's own demonstration video from this link:
Dovado Home Automation


This is a free open source third-party application that can be used as a complement to the TellStick + Dovado UMR/4GR Product Combination. It easily lets you control your TellStick connected electronics via the Dovado UMR/4GR without having to use a web browser. It is a Windows only compatible application. 

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