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Compatible devices

All TellStick products can transmit signals to many different remote socket receviers. Both TellStick Duo and TellStick Net has the possibility to receive signals as well. Unfortunately they cannot receive signals from all the devices it can send commands to. Please have a look below which devices TellStick can send/receive signals to/from.

TellStick Duo and TellStick Net needs to be updated with the latest firmware in order to receive signals from some sensors and other transmitting devices listed here.

TellStick ZNet Lite has a 433 MHz transmitter and can therefore only send 433MHz signals. It does not have a 433 MHz receiver.
A list of tested Z-Wave-products can be found here:

Please note that no socket receivers can report their status. They only contains a receiver and is not capable of transmitting signals. Our products can receive the signals from the remote controls.

For details about configuration and batch compability, please visit our wiki,

Also see this 3rd party wiki (not supported by Telldus) with current information about devices and sensors that have been tested by the community, or contribute yourself,

Controllable devices

TellStick, TellStick Duo, and TellStick Net can control the following receivers. This means it can transmit signals to them.

Remote socket receivers:

  • Anslut - Self learning
  • Brennenstuhl - Code switch
  • Bye Bye Standby - Code switch and Self learning1
  • Chacon - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Clas Ohlson - 36-88362
  • CoCo Technologies - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Conrad - Self learning
  • Ecosavers - Self learning
  • Elro - Code switch
  • GAO - Code switch and Self learning (not dimmers)
  • Goobay - Code switch
  • HomeEasy (UK only) - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • HQ - Code switch
  • IKEA (discontinued by IKEA) - Code switch
  • Intertechno - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Kappa - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Kjell & Company - Code switch
  • KlikAanKlikUit - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Nexa - Code switch, Self learning3 and Self learning dimmers4
  • Otio - Self learning
  • Proove - Code switch, Self learning and Self learning dimmers
  • Rusta - Code switch and Self learning dimmers
  • Sartano - Code switch
  • UPM - Self learning
  • Waveman - Code switch
  • X105 - Code switch

Projector screens and Blinds:

Note about dimmers

Most dimmers are not built to support dimming from a computer. Therefore they are not supported by TellStick. There are some exceptions though that works well with TellStick. These are known to work well with TellStick:

Supported transmitting devices

TellStick Duo and TellStick Net can receive signals from the following brands

Remote controls from:


  • Proovesmart, all sensors - Thermo/hygro sensor, fridge/freezer thermometer, pool thermometer
  • Oregon Scientific, THGN132N, THGN228N, THGR238N, THGR810, THGN801 (Thermo/hygro sensors), THWR288, THWR800 (Pool thermometers), PCR800 (Rain sensor), WGR800 (Wind sensor) Other sensors sharing the same protocol and parameters may be supported too.
  • UPM/Mandolyn Thermometer - Thermo/hygro sensor
  • Viking, Thermometer and Thermo/Hygro sensor
  • Weber Style™ Digital Thermometer, old version - Cooking thermometer

The following receivers are known not to work at all

  • HomeEasy (EU)
  • Govena
  • Powerfix
1Bye Bye Standby Self learning should be configured as Code switch.
2Only compatible with TellStick Net at the moment.
3Some batches or individual units of Nexa WMR-3500 are not working well.
4System Nexa Pro dimmers do not support absolute dim values, they can only function as on/off-devices. Nexa M-Spot use different dim intervals and cannot be dimmed correctly.
5X10 requires TellStick batch 9 or later, TellStick Duo or TellStick Net.

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