About us

Open Source

Telldus Technologies was founded in 2006 by Micke, Fredrik, and Johannes. Three longtime friends with a burning interest for electronics, software, and all things open source. In fact, the open source philosophy can be found throughout every part of our firm. The reasons are simple enough: the power of transparency and source code access helps us achieve better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, while lowering costs. Of course by being open source we happily as well play a small part in ending predatory vendor lock-in.

Humble Beginnings

Micke is our software wizard while Fredrik masters the hardware. This unique core competence duo has guided Telldus from the humble beginnings of basement soldering and programming to now being on the forefront of wireless technology and home automation. In simple terms you can say that our products use radio frequencies that wirelessly turn on/off electricity with a computer. Through a transparent and collaborative process we develop innovative wireless home automation products that are affordable, simple, and fun to use.

Simplify Your Life

In an increasingly digital and complicated world we want to make households and workspaces comfortable, environmentally friendly, and fun to use. In other words, we want to simplify your life. To manage this we will continue to stay on the forefront of wireless home automation technology by providing products that are completely open for users to customize according to their needs.

It's been an exciting ride with lots more fun to come.


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